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URGENTLY WANTED! Leaders for next 30s-50s Walks Programme - Nov 2015 to Feb 2016


This is your chance to share a favourite walk or explore a new walk in an area that interests you. Walks can be led individually or jointly, by anyone who is a current member of the Ramblers. 

New walk leaders are always needed, so could this be you? No special training is required, but if you have not previously led a walk, then we have experienced walk leaders who can provide some guidance, just ask. You do not have to make up a walk from scratch - it is possible to simply select one from a guidebook or the internet.

We are once again looking to offer the choice of two different walks on most Sundays, provided enough leaders put their names forward. Ideally, at least one walk will have a public transport option (PT), as an alternative to cars required (CR). There is a demand for shorter walks of between 5-8 miles (S), either whole day or half day, as well as our longer walks which during the winter months are usually around 8½-11 miles (L). Help us meet our objective by sending an email to 30s50s-walks@bahr.org.uk with your preferred date(s) from the list below, indicating L or S, as well as PT or CR, where possible. Please do not delay! This announcement will be updated on a regular basis in order to show the latest availability.



Leader - Walk # 1

Leader - Walk # 2

1st November 2015

Chris G (L/CR)

Tess H (L/PT)

8th November 2015

Philippa C (S/PT)

Phil M + Helena S (L/PT)

15th November 2015

Tony M + Sue L (L/PT)

Peter H (S/PT)

22nd November 2015

Clare D (L/PT)

Liz T - (S/PT)

29th November 2015

Stuart E (L/PT)

Monica M (S/PT)

6th December 2015

Clare H (L/CR)

Michael H (L/PT)

13th December 2015   

Sarah H (S/PT)

Richard H (L/PT)

20th December 2015

Terry B (S/PT)

Not Required

27th December 2015

OPEN - Any Walk

Not Required

3rd January 2016

David C (S/PT)

Colin S (L/PT)

10th January 2016

Seb T (L/CR)

Sarah H (L/PT)

17th January 2016

Bill J (L/PT)

Christine H + Caroline H (S/CR)

24th January 2016

Tracy E (L/CR)

Peter D (S/PT)

31st January 2016  

Stuart E (L/PT)

Peter H (S/PT)

7th February 2016

Clare H (L/CR)

Jill S - (S/PT)

14th February 2016

Neil D (L/PT)

Not Required

21st February 2016

Simon D (S/PT)

Tracy E - (L/CR)

28th February 2016

Chris G (L/PT)

Neil P + Marta S (S/PT)




Details of your walk, when decided, should be entered on the Ramblers' specially designed template, which can be downloaded from http://bahr.org.uk/page/programmes (you will first need to sign-in to the BAHR website).

The relevant .xls file can be opened/edited in Microsoft Excel, and a number of alternative apps. Apache OpenOffice is available as a free download for PCs and Macs, and Kingsoft WPS Office is available as a free download for Android, iPhones, iPads and Windows. Simply hover your cursor over the column headings in the spreadsheet to see what data is required in each cell.

Kindly complete all the necessary fields in the template and then forward your saved MS Excel file as an email attachment to 30s50s-walks@bahr.org.uk. Remember to include your Ramblers membership number (this is important for insurance purposes). 


Many thanks, 

Chris Goodyear

30s-50s Walks Programme Coordinator



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