We are the Brighton and Hove group of the national Ramblers. Walking and socialising in and around the South East of England.

This is a combined request for walks to put in the next programme, running July – October, for all three groups:

Elaine Toohig (20/40s walks) 20s40s-walks@bahr.org.uk

Neil Pennington (40/50s walks) 40s50s-walks@bahr.org.uk

Geoff James (main group walks) programme@bahr.org.uk

(Reference: http://bahr.org.uk/page/programmes)

Initially all we need is the date that you wish to lead a walk. Shortly after we will contact the walk leaders to get further details. Walks can be on Thursdays and Saturdays for the main group. Sundays for 20-40s and 40-50s groups. Wednesday evenings all groups. (See the Walks Programme for Brighton & Hove Group for, current and past, examples of the information that will be needed).


20-40s Sunday walks normally meet at 10am at the Level.  It helps if 40-50s Sunday walks that meet at the Level (i.e. using cars) could meet at a different time to avoid confusion. Wednesday evening walks meet at the South end Preston Park. Walks on other days tend to meet at the east side of Preston Park train station.


Walks can be led by anyone who is a Ramblers member - there is no special training needed, just pick a walk and send it in. Walks don't have to made up from scratch - you can pick ones from books or the internet (a couple of links are included below to give you an idea) for instance. Walks do not have to be all day - we have had some morning/afternoon only walks as well in order to encourage new walkers. Have a look at an old programme on the website to get an idea if you are unsure. The sooner you get walk in, the more likely you are to get the date you want.





It would be nice to see a few new leaders - you don't have to do one every programme! If you are stumped for ideas we can let you have walks we have done in the past. If anyone is thinking about leading a walk but feels a little unsure about it, then we can help to find someone to join you on a pre-walk and support you with leading the actual walk.

Elaine will host a Walks Planning Pub Night on Friday 7 June from 8pm, which can give the opportunity for new or potential walk leaders to share ideas and general advice with more experienced walk leaders. This will be at the Park View Pub, Preston Drove, Brighton BN1 6LD. All are welcome!

We encourage using buses or trains, starting at Brighton station, a local bus stop, or in some cases leaders may specify a destination accessible by train or bus.

Please respond by Sunday 2nd June with the date(s) you can do.

We will follow up to request further details of your walk, which we will need by Sunday 16th  June.


Elaine, Neil and Geoff

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