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Viewable Route of May Long Distance Walk - Balcombe to Falmer

That was a great walk - thank you Clair and Claire.

Two versions to view the route of the walk:

1) link to GPSies - you can fiddle around and maybe view with Google Maps - Earth option gives isometric perspective.


2) link to OS Getamap - requires download of Microsoft Silverlight - not too big a file, 6ish megs.

Suggestion: maybe try Leisure view.


Anorak tip: at the end of the walk, seated in the very pleasant Swan Inn, train times were accessed using phones. Recently I came across a fast convenient way of getting trains time, especially if you plan ahead and store journey details.

The main site is (N.B. as is - do not put in www://)


But a really useful feature is to save bookmarks of journeys.

e.g. I have saved 2 bookmarks for travel to and from work - the to work bookmark - Shoreham to Havant is traintimes.org.uk/sse/hav or less anoraky, cagouley perhaps?, if you don't know the rail station shortcodes, traintimes.org.uk/shoreham-by-sea/havant

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Comment by Ian Gough on May 9, 2012 at 13:20
The recorded route was missing a bit at the beginning and end. After a lot of bother with OS Getamap not cooperating with allowing the route to get editted and a complete failure of trying to understand how to use the Open Source freebie GPX Editor, it turned out that the GPSies website has very intuitive GPX route editting capabilities - so again thankyou to Claire and Clair, as without the walk I would not have been motivated to fill in that bit of knowledge needed to tidy up routes - Cheers!
Fortunately, this year, I seem to have mostly got away with it regarding aches and pains.
How is everyone else feeling? Or is it too painful to type?
Comment by Claire Phillips on May 9, 2012 at 9:31

Hi Ian

I second Clare's comment - we all look very happy clutching our beverages.....  The big loop at the start was worth it for the viaduct.  Thanks to Dave W for the photos and the chicken mobbing!!


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