Thursday the 22nd December 2016 Kithurst Hill Circular

I did the pre walk this morning and it is exactly 6miles and took around two hours 10 minutes with no breaks. So I am allowing two-forty-five with the group and a decent coffee break. There is a very long and nasty hill towards the end but there is a short cut for anyone who wants to take it. You will miss a good view of Amberley if take this option. As regards lunch I enquired at the "Moon" in Storington and they are happy to have us but it would be helpful if anyone who wants to eat goes to their website and pre book food. It's only a couple of days before Christmas and they may be packed. It's a great pub with good food and beer and the Landlord Richard is welcoming. I will bring copies of their menus to the Kithurst Car Park but I don't know what the phone reception will be like up there. It should be a good walk and I hope clearer than today. It was like a low budget version of "Gorillas in the Mist" today. Just one small chimpanzee who couldn't see his hand in front of his face.

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