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Today, Thursday 14 March, we were joined on the walk by 8 professional fund raisers who have been engaged by Ramblers Head Office.They are based in Brighton and asked if they could join a walk to get a feel about what we do on the ground. They chose this walk. Although the weather was very blustery we had no rain only mud. They fully engaged in the walk and asked me to thank you all for being such a friendly and interesting group and to tell you how much they enjoyed walking with you.  thank you for your support today .  I had no idea what I had agreed to!

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Comment by Stuart Ellis on April 4, 2019 at 12:09
Thanks Erica for hosting this and glad it all passed off well and without incident! The area you walked in was a good showcase for our group - nearby, accessible by public transport, variety of routes - so hopefully will provide them with plenty of fund-raising ammunition! Many thanks to you and your fellow walkers.
Stuart Ellis

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