The Bridleway from Patcham starting from the bridge under the A27 entering from Mill Road and thereafter crossing Waterhall land and then proceeding up Sweet Hill and later joining the Sussex Border Path ( which comes across the pedestrian bridge over the A23 ) and joins the Sweet Hill path half way up the steep hill, this first mentioned path is not a right of way. The section from the bridge under the A27 travelling 300Metres across Waterhall is shown on OS OL11 Explorer Map as a permissive path. On checking the files there has never been a grant given by the landowner Southern Water for a permissive path and this has been shown on the OS incorrectly. If no action is taken before 2026 then this path and access to Sweet Hill could be lost forever. I am looking for witnesses who have used the path regularly over a peiod of 20 years. I am looking for at least 10 people. The problem will be that the 10 people must claim use over the same 20 years. Speaking for myself I used the path between mid 1950s until mid 1970s on a regular basis and since only occasionally. If we can get sufficient volunteer witnesses to fill in witness claim forms I will sponsor the DMMO claim and process this through the system. Please Email giving dates of use of this path.

Regards Peter Jarman B&H Footpath Secretary

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