We are the Brighton and Hove group of the national Ramblers. Walking and socialising in and around the South East of England.

Ramblers have stated their policy on fracking, as follows:-




The Ramblers works to help everyone enjoy the pleasures and benefits of walking, and to enhance and protect the places where people walk. We are committed to encouraging and supporting walking, protecting and expanding public rights of way and access land, and protecting the beauty of the countryside and other areas. We recognise the threat posed to our countryside by climate change, which could severely alter many of our cherished landscapes. Ramblers support measures to mitigate this by switching to renewable sources of energy which are sensitively sited and don’t damage precious landscapes. In addition we believe the government must focus particularly on improving energy efficiency, pursuing a range of measures to reduce the amount of energy wasted in generation, transmission and use. We are concerned about the potential impacts of onshore shale gas exploration and exploitation, both on access to the places we walk and on the beauty of the wider countryside. We will oppose such operations where we believe these impacts to be unacceptable, particularly in areas designated for their natural beauty such as national parks and AONBs.

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