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New 30-50’s walking group as 20-40’s and 40/50’s groups merge

Many of you will be aware of the organisational discussions that have been taking place over the last six months. These discussions began as we saw members move freely between the 20’s-40’s and 40/50’s groups. Effectively these groups, with their similar walking styles, Sunday pub lunches and regular walkers, have already merged. We wanted to reflect this reality by changing the name – something particularly important for matching expectations of those on their early walks with the group

We have struggled to attract and retain new members in their 20’s and early 30’s with the wide age range on the 20-40’s walks over the past couple of years. We recognise that there is still a demand for this type of walking group but believe that it is best run as a separate group (Brighton and Hove is unique nationally in Ramblers in attempting to run it as a combined group). We are looking at options to form a new group for this age range probably using the popular “meetup” site. If anyone is interested in helping or has any ideas please contact Nick on 20s40s@bahr.org.uk

A strong consensus from the discussions is the enthusiasm to join the groups. Both groups are popular attracting ten to thirty people on each walk so there was a concern that there would be too many people on a walk if we just ran one Sunday walk. So we are keen to run two walks each Sunday for this new group with differing themes (eg. Area walked, length or grade of walk, half day or full day walk). If we can achieve two walks each Sunday then numbers should be reasonable but we need more active walk leaders to achieve this

Thanks to Neil Pennington who has agreed to co-ordinate the combined 30-50’s walk programme for July 2014 onwards. Thanks also to Elaine Toohig for her past work bringing together the 20-40’s walks. Please help Neil by sending us walks asap to 30s50s-walks@bahr.org.uk. If you haven’t led a walk before and would like some help we can suggest experienced walk leaders who are happy to buddy.

Any comments welcome on the change. Please contribute to the discussion on the website and/or contact Chris and Nick directly on 30s50s@bahr.org.uk

We will be updating the website to reflect the name changes over the next couple of weeks and our next programme from 1st July will offer 30-50’s walks on Sundays as well as the all ages walks through the rest of the week as usual

Nick Malyon and Chris Goodyear (“Younger” walkers reps)

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Comment by Nick Dodds on May 10, 2014 at 17:54
Yes we will need to try and make sure that we have two walks on a Sunday. It will be difficult for Neil to co-ordinate two different walks that don't go to the same area and I think walk leaders could help by offering a range of dates that they could do a particular walk. We should also try and offer some different length and types of walks as well.
Thanks to all for making this happen.
Comment by David Coutinho on May 6, 2014 at 8:36

This looks like a sensible development. We had 33 on my 40s-50s walk last Sunday and I assume that Justin had a similar group. Therefore we will need multiple walks on Sundays to avoid huge groups. I am sure there is a market for a younger group ... there was ten years ago! However starting one from scratch using Meetup sounds like a good plan.

David Coutinho

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