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Some of you may know that The Ramblers Association has launched an initiative to walk and note every footpath in the country. It has the catchy title Big Pathwatch! The aims behind this are:

  1. Identify obstructions, broken fences, stiles etc. so they can get fixed,
  2. Note any interesting features such as great views, wildlife, flora and fauna,
  3. Make sure that all footpaths & Rights of Way are on the Definitive Map. This is really important as it will be 'closed' from 2026 i.e. no new footpaths can be added. An allied initiative is under-way to identify footpaths to be proposed for adding to the Definitive Map which will involve significant research (county records, internet etc.) as a case has to be built for each and every one (if you're interested please contact me)!
  4. Get people, and especially 'the younger generation', into the countryside!

The idea is to 'adopt' a square(s) on the OS map and walk every path on it noting what you see and find (a useful features reference guide is provided) and then submit them. The RA has really made a great effort to make the process simple and fun, for example activities to involve children. If you have a Smart phone you can download an app and note the details as you go along. Alternatively, you can print out your 'adopted' square for the walk and then submit your findings on-line. It really is that simple and painless!

So, if you're going out for walk or if you're a walk leader doing a pre-walk why not add your contribution to this great and worthwhile project which, after all, you'll benefit from!

Here is the link to the RA's Big Pathwatch site: http://goo.gl/mvyKr8

Thanks and happy walking!

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Comment by Wendy Tidman on November 13, 2015 at 12:37

I was so busy looking at the OS map that I didn't notice a deep hollow and twisted my ankle doing one of my squares - you live and learn!

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