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10th Anniversary Celebration - South Downs National Park

This has been forwarded by Ramblers Sussex Area:

This year is the 10th anniversary of Hilary Benn signing the confirmation order that established the South Downs National Park, which Ramblers local groups were active in supporting.

A special celebration is being organised at Ditchling Village Hall on Monday 11th November, from 11.30am until 2.00pm.  Hilary Benn has kindly agreed to come down to Ditchling and there are likely to be a few short contributions from Robin Crane (Chairman of the Campaign), Margaret Paren (Chair of the Park Authority) and a welcome from Ditchling and the South Downs Network.  Everyone is welcome to attend and especially the people who were involved in the Campaign that helped to create the Park.

The organiser has asked that your Group Chair (chairbahr@gmail.com) lets him know how many people are likely to attend from your group, so that the overall numbers at the venue can be managed if the event is oversubscribed - this is most unlikely, but if it happens it may mean limiting the number of Ramblers attending.

So if you would like to be at the celebrations in Ditchling, please make a note in your diary and let your Group Chair know.

And finally, time is marching on and to date there isn’t really a record of the Campaign and all those who were involved with it.  So Chris Todd (ecochris.todd@gmail.com) has been asking people to send him their details if they were involved and to write as much or as little as they want about their role or perspective of the Campaign and what it meant to them.  So if you helped the Campaign, please get in touch with Chris and if you know anyone else who was heavily involved, please pass this onto them and ask them to get in touch with Chris too.
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If you intend to attend please let me know by 31st October.



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