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30s-50s Seaford to Berwick via Alfriston - Sunday 25th October

Hi all, hope you can join me for a 10 mile walk from Seaford to Berwick via Alfriston. Don't forget the clocks go back- you get an extra hour in bed!

We start at Seaford Station at 10am and climb up onto the Seven Sisters and then follow the Cuckmere river before walking to Alfriston via High and Over (great views on a clear day and the forecast is currently not bad at all!) where we will stop for lunch at 1.30ish. As the lunch is late, please bring snacks if required. There are lots of places to have lunch in Alfriston and you can feel smug that you will have completed the largest chunk of the walk by then:)

After lunch it's only a few miles onto Berwick and the train home. 

This is a public transport walk and the trains are infrequent so make sure you leave enough time to buy your tickets – Train departs Brighton station at 09:17am. I will be there at 9.05am. The train is scheduled to arrive at Seaford station (starting point) at 09:50am. If travelling by train, I have been advised by British Rail that it is ok to get a return to Seaford and then a single back from Berwick to Lewes (then using the end part of your return Seaford ticket from Lewes to Brighton).

For anyone planning on driving, you can park at Lewes and join the train at 9.33am (parking £2) or park at Seaford and get a train back (change at Lewes) from Berwick. Happy for drivers to join at the foot of Seaford Head but if you are doing this it will be your job to spot me not the other way round!

I will get told off for going on a bit but I can't help it- I'm a Virgo.


Give me a call if you have any queries and look forward to seeing you Sunday.

Tracy Evans 07739 873187

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