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Hi BAHR,i thought you should know, i'm come across a Facebook group called Love Summit and Sea which is some sort of group for outdoor single people. With nothing against them, i have noticed a few posts suggesting and advertising they join your walks eg, the one from Portslade this Sunday by Colin S. I fear they may just want to piggy back it so not have to worry about leading themselves and i'm not sure if they want to join. I'm also not sure if they have let you know as their posts are just a copy of yours although they do include a link to the main Ramblers website. Obviously the more the merrier but my only concern is that if a large number of them come you may not be aware of it, that sometimes people come for a long time and never join and that non members just turning up leaf frog the waiting list of the Meet Up group. On a general point, as a paid up Ramblers member myself i don't think its fair that i pay and others may not for quite a while. I've just added the following on their group page:

As you probably know this invitation is to join an already-planned walk by the Brighton Ramblers. I say the following as a member of the Ramblers. Forgive me if you have checked with them or the organiser but I'm not sure they would like you posting this as your own or without their knowledge because it is for paid-up members only unless you are new to Ramblers and wish to try them out for free for the first 3 walks. It's not fair if you want to piggy back another groups walk with loads of people just to be guided for free. I'm saying this purely to point it out to you assuming you don't know. If all of you that are going are already Ramblers then there's no problem. The money people pay to Ramblers goes towards fighting to keep our precious rights of way open so it's a good idea to join if you feel the same way as free clubs do not offer the same funding opportunities. Also this group has a Meet -Up group for non members with a waiting list so if you just turn up you will be leap frogging more patient people. May i suggest you just check with Ramblers first that's all.

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Comment by Richard H on October 3, 2019 at 12:20

Hello Stephen. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and posting the message on their group.

Best Regards,


BAHR 30-50s walks programme co-ordinator

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