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Brighton council wants to make cuts the amount it spends on parks and open spaces.  It is holding a consultation about this because it is legally obliged to.  You can find the consultation at https://beta.brighton-hove.gov.uk/consultations/future-of-our-parks....  The consultation affects not just parks but also open spaces, including the downland around Brighton and areas like Stanmer Park.


Please take part.  Although these things are often just a means of justifying a decision that has already been made, strong opposition has been known to turn things around.  Many of the questions simply ask you where cuts can be made, but there is no reason why you should not skip these if you want to.  You do have the chance to make other comments and we suggest that you say that parks and open spaces are under-prioritised and that cuts in this area are a false economy because a lack of these facilities means that more has to be spent on social services, health and other areas.


The consultation runs until October, but please take part as soon as you can.

Chris Smith

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