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Hi fellow walkers! Chris has posted an announcement for sorting out the next programme and so far there are only 8 walk leaders that have committed to leading a walk. Given the huge amount of work he puts in to not only organising the programme but also giving people walks to lead, why don't we make this the season that we recognise the work he does by responding quickly so the gaps are filled. Every quarter he has to cajole and encourage people to lead and then do the work of sorting out the spreadsheet. If you are able to lead a walk, click on his wanted post in announcements. I can't believe that between us we can't get it filled within the next week. Gauntlet laid!  :)

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Comment by Clare Hall on May 7, 2016 at 14:32
Awesome post Tracy! Thanks for putting this up.
If anyone can lead please contact Chris, it would be great if we can get some new walks and new leaders :)

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