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Thanks to everyone that sponsored us! Of course we finished, we're Ramblers! MacMillan South Coast Mighty Hike - 26 miles Saturday 7th July

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Comment by Tracy Evans on July 14, 2018 at 21:35

We look amazing all things considered! The heat was debilitating and no breeze. We started at 8 and finished at 7.20pm due to stopping for proper breaks to refuel, cool down and replace salts. 70 people didn't finish and many people had heat exhaustion. We only took as long as we did due to my slowness being the overheating grandma of the team. No-one moaned at me about it; we started as a team and finished as a team and it felt like a real achievement. :) We have raised not far off £2,000 so far and the hike has made nearly £500,000 which is top notch as over 25% of Macmillan's income is from event fundraising. Thanks again to everyone that sponsored us! 

Comment by Stuart Ellis on July 13, 2018 at 15:33

Many congratulations to you all! A real achievement under 'normal' conditions and doubly so in last Saturday's heatwave. None of you look in the least bit tired! I assume that you were all out for Sunday's ramble? Well, you did say that you were Ramblers ):

Well done, really proud of you all.


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